Friday, November 15, 2013

Encouragement: A God Who Answers Prayer

I was asking the Lord yesterday, "Lord, what can I give people to encourage them?"  The answer?  We serve a God who answers prayer.  Here is where the floodgate opens of "but what about a,b,c,d,e,f etc etc?"  Without getting buried and sidetracked let me say this, the Lord has answered this brother's prayers and I am not special.  What has been done for me, can and will be done for you.  Also, sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no, sometimes wait.

What happens in people's minds when the Lord waits for 2-3 years to answer your prayer?  How many people give up by day 3 and say "well, see!  The Lord doesn't answer!"  The Lord has made me wait, and wait, and wait some more.  Especially for the answers to requests for miracles.  That is not to say the Lord cannot or will not answer quickly.  I am just saying I have had to wait for most things.

What is people's reaction when the Lord says no?  Is that not an answer?  If people will only accept a yes from the Lord are they really being honest?

There are a zillion different scenarios we could talk about because every person is unique and has their own relationship with the Lord.  Sometimes in addition to yes, no and wait a person may have a sin problem that is not covered because they are not "in Christ" and thus not under the blood for the forgiveness of sin.  That is to say, they are testing the waters of Christianity maybe but are not Christians.  If you are "in Christ" the answers you should be looking for are yes, no or wait."

How do we know what the answer is?  A personal day to day relationship with Jesus Christ.  His Spirit tells us in our spirit if we should continue to hang onto our request.  This is not a scientific answer, its something that must be discerned in the spirit and no one person can do it for another.  The Lord wants a relationship that is unique and rich and loving with YOU, personally and He has never given this brother and answer for another.  That is for you and Him alone to figure out.

Seeing the answer to prayer will require faith, and patience and sore testing.  Do you really believe?  Will your faith stand the test of time.  Time does test all of us.  Is this a pleasant experience?  Not in my experience.  I have experienced trial and tribulations of soul and spirit as I waited for my answers.  I did also experience periodic strengthening and encouragement from the Lord to not give up.

To give you an idea of the kind of God we serve, some things I asked for I stopped praying for and years later they showed up.  The key in those cases was I never doubted that the Lord would answer I just could not keep praying for that particular thing because maybe I thought it was not important enough or whatever to continue in prayer for every day.  Then, the Lord gave it to me anyway.  Remember, I did not doubt, I just did not continue asking for it.

I am going to wrap this one up, but I want to restate what the Lord gave me to give to you:  pray and do not give up if its for something that really matters to you.  Do not look to mankind for answers on these things, you need to hear from God directly.  You need a Word or a touch from the Lord, only that will satisfy your soul.

When you approach the throne of grace, bring the Lord something to work with like 1.  your faith and 2. His Word.  Bring Him your faith and His Word, two things that are irresistible to our God.  What has the Lord already said that you can bring back to Him for fulfillment?

1 Thess 5:16Rejoice always, 17pray continually, 18give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus

This ^^ right here is one of the most powerful sentences in the Bible in this brother's opinion.  Rejoice when?   Only when things are going well for you? No.  Only when you are getting instant answers?  No, ALWAYS.  Pray when?  Continually.  Give thanks when?  In ALL circumstances.

Is this ^^ easy?  No.  Is this powerful?  You can literally move mountains with this one sentence.  If people would just do this, their world would transform.  Sometimes you will have to force yourself to rejoice and pray and give thanks and you will be doing it while it feels like your guts are turning inside out from the situation you find yourself in. << Your feelings are betraying you while your faith makes a stand.

For this purpose I was created and write to you today.  I have often asked the Lord what I should be doing with my life.  I am not really good at anything but the Lord has blessed all the work of my hands.  Not because I am special but because He is faithful.  What I should be doing with my life is explaining to you that I have been there, with my guts turning over inside of me over the wrenching circumstance in my life.  I have been there fighting back the waves of fear and doubt.  I have been there near tears crying out to God " Lord if you don't help me this will be the end of me!!!"

I have been there, and here I am now on the other side of many miracles and answers to prayer to encourage you to stand firm in the faith and not give up.  I open my arms and give you a virtual hug right now and whisper in your ear "rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances..."

grace and peace be upon you and yours.

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  1. Hello, just wanted to let you know, your posts, from Christian Apostasy, well I hear the message. Sometimes I forget there is a "you" at the other end. I wrote to you before, I am hanging in there, stronger. Sometimes it feels as if I am crawling to the finish line but you know what, I am getting up, here and there, for longer periods. My burdens are being lifted up to the Lord and hey, He is there to carry them. Thank you for remaining faithful and standing at your post. Keep the watch, shout the alarm. Those of us that need to hear it, well we are. I don't know how to leave a message at C.A. blog so left it here : )

    Humbly in Christ - Mary