Saturday, March 16, 2013

Believing For a Miracle-You Don't Have to Like It

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This one is really important and cannot be overlooked.  When you are believing for your miracle and the Lord is delaying, and delaying and delaying some more, you don't have to like it.  You do not have to be happy about it.  Your faith is being tested and it probably won't be a pleasant experience.  But guess what, its okay that you  are not happy about it.  It is okay that you  don't like it.

Just be careful not to become bitter, not to walk away and give up, not to abort your faith for your miracle.  Nobody said this would be easy.  Nobody said you would like or enjoy the process, but if you need your miracle you need to tough it out and hold on in spite of your feelings.  I am in the midst of believing for a miracle right now and it seems like its taking forever for it to happen.  That said, I am 100% certain that my answer is coming, I just have to wait for it and waiting is the hardest part.  I don't like waiting, I don't enjoy it and I am not happy about it but I do understand the Lord is using this inner hardship to shape and mold me for the days ahead.

Initial training for the SEALS, SF, SAS you name it, it is not fun.  Its like getting kicked between the legs over and over again but it is necessary.  The hard road the Lord leads us down (sometimes) is not fun but it is necessary.  He knows what His plans are for us and He knows what we need in the days ahead.  Knowing what we need, He prepares us beforehand.

The goal of all this is to walk with the Lord on the water like Peter did.  He is teaching us what it means to walk on the water with Him.  We must keep our eyes on the master and not on the wind and waves.  Dark days are coming for this world.  How much of that darkness we will walk through before Jesus takes his Bride home is anyone's guess.  In order to walk the way we need to we have to endure the hardship of the training.  You may not like it, you may not enjoy it, you may not be happy about it and that is okay.  In spite of your feelings be careful to hold onto your faith, know that your answer is coming, know that on the day it manifests the weight you feel like you have been carrying around will drop right off your shoulders instantly.

The Lord knows how much we can take without breaking.  He understands us better than we understand ourselves.  It won't be easy but we have to fight.  We cannot lay down and let our miracle wash out to sea like the outgoing tide because we didn't feel like fighting anymore.  The life of a soldier is not easy and we are called to be soldiers

Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus

Just realize this, when you feel like the Lord is dragging His feet and delaying your answer beyond what you think is reasonable, stop thinking.  The Lord is a God of perfect timing even if we don't like the timing He chooses while we are waiting for it.  I can tell you this, I have experienced many miracles in my life and never once have I ever been disappointed on the day I received my miracle.  If we will hold on we will not be disappointed.  Keep your chin up, hold onto your faith, release any expectations of when you think the Lord should act for you.  Let go and let God handle it.  Play your part (believe) and let the Lord play His part, you won't be disappointed I assure you.

Each day when you wake up it could be the day you received your answer.  Wait in expectation of what the Lord will do and if today is not the day do not despair.  Tomorrow may be the day.  Take the days one at a time.  Remember the Lord's prayer "our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.  May thy kingdom come and thy will be done here on earth just as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread....

He feeds us a day at a time.  He did it with manna in the wilderness and He does it with us now.  Tomorrow is the Lord's problem to figure out not yours, give it over to Him.  The Lord will provide.  When you are suffering through your waiting just realize that you are not alone.  If you are reading this and in the process of waiting then we stand together.  You know that your brothers and sisters out there are going through the same thing you are.

Keep the faith, don't give up.  You don't have to like the process but you do have to endure it.  Ask any special forces soldier if he enjoyed the process of becoming and elite soldier.  If he is honest he will tell you most of it was like getting kicked between the legs but those that make it keep their eye on the prize, the end goal, the result.  It is no different for us, we are soldiers.  Keep your eye on the prize and endure the process.  If you don't give up you will be able to jump and shout in victory when you cross the finish line and get your prize.  It will happen for you just hang on.

grace and peace

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